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A Snake's Tale is a puzzle game about snakes in cramped places. Clear a path to get to the hole, eat some eggs along the way, and make sure to press all the buttons.

  • 75+ brain-crushing puzzles (okay, not all of them are "brain-crushing" hard)
  • 5 different environments, each with a unique mechanic
  • A whole ton of snakes
  • Play with mouse, keyboard, or gamepad
  • Procedurally generated art with a unique style
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date May 02, 2017
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(142 total ratings)
Made withSDL, Rust
TagsColorful, Low-poly, Mouse only
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Configurable controls, Interactive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Steam Greenlight


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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a-snakes-tale-osx.zip 4 MB
Version 1.0.6
a-snakes-tale-windows.zip 2 MB
Version 1.0.6
a-snakes-tale-linux.zip 4 MB
Version 1.0.6
a-snakes-tale-android.apk 19 MB

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A very enjoyable game.

All the snake designs were very cute. The snake mechanics worked nice as a different take on a puzzle game!

Very cute art style and fun puzzles! Some levels are definitely more difficult, but they're rewarding and never feel impossible due to good level progression.

sympa et amusant pas trop difficile

Really liked it, got all but 4 puzzles, of which 2 I really don't have a clue on how to solve.
Great game, only comment would be maybe for the next one making sure you cannot reach puzzles with new mechanics before the tutorial levels could make it smoother.

Very cute and fun.

Rainbow smoke means I'm all finished?

This was brilliant, some really nice challenges. Thanks again! 🐍

Great puzzle game! Exactly what I was looking to play. Thanks for supporting a great cause!

Very pleasant, puzzle games aren't really my thing so I don't think I'll finish it, however even not liking puzzle games it was addictive enough to keep me playing for at least 20 or so levels, and I love the art style, it's so cute! Good game


Just knocked out the first set of (beach) levels, this is a really pleasant puzzler with great aesthetics. Thanks for the sweet game and contributing to the worthy cause ❤️


Wow! What a cute little puzzler. The way the snakes slide around is really satisfying, too.

Smart little puzzle game with enough challenge to make it interesting !


uhm, can I buy the music too?


Great game to kill time on toilet :)


great game but total missed opportunity for calling it snakes on a 2d plane


Surprisingly difficult for such a simple game


Cute! Got this with the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle. Puzzles vary between easy and devilishly difficult. Brevil, as mentioned below, is tough enough that I had to track down a walkthrough for hints. The nuclear waste music is the best.

My only issue is that the 2-tile long snakes and the two-headed snakes freak me out. Poor sneks!


I got this game as part of the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I decided to try it out because the art style is super cute! And I love puzzle games! It definitely delivered on what I wanted and then some. I haven't completed all of the puzzles yet. Some of them are really brain-crushing. Those are the best because it's even more ssssssssatisfying to complete.
Thanks for including this game in the bundle. And IMO it's definitely worth the very small cost if I'd have paid for it directly!

Honestly this game is the light of my life. The length and difficulty variation are appropriate and the music is GREAT.


Solid puzzle game.


Great puzzle game! Really enjoy it.


Very enjoyable puzzle game. Took me about 5 hours to beat and had some decently challenging levels.

Like this game. Simple controls, puzzles are fun to solve. They need some thinking to solve. Thanks you for the game. :D

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A great simplistic "toilet" puzzler.  Long enough to explore the mechanics, but not overly long to the extend that it's tedious.  I played it on mobile which is where it makes the most sense IMO.  Some of the later levels were much easier than earlier ones, but I'll chock that up to the variable order in which you unlock levels.  RECOMMENDED!


I had a lovely few hours with this game! The art is simple but appealing and clear, the puzzles are varied, and the different areas in the game are all distinct both visually and mechanically.

I don't feel the game is too short, I think it's just the right length to explore its mechanics without getting tedious. That said, I think a level editor would be great for keeping a community around this game, as fan levels can do things that would be too overwhelming as normal levels.

I got a stuck on the last two puzzles, but in both cases, it turned out I'd just forgotten about a certain mechanic.

such a fun puzzle game! having a blast with it!

Excellent game. Aside from the obvious shortness and lack of level editor, my only complaint is that I think the automatic highlighter does not always pick levels in the most natural order – I always played the level that was automatically highlighted and only manually chose a level when none was, and this way, some very easy levels came later than tough ones.


This is really cute and a lot of fun. I'm still terrible at puzzles, but I had a good time and my cats loved watching me drag the snakes around the screen.


I love this!  Simple, charming, challenging without being frustrating.  Android version runs smooth and doesn't drain battery. 


Simple, good for killing time. Would’ve loved playing this as a kid honestly. Snakes always have a soft spot with me.


I adored this game so much!  Each of the area's gimmicks are so interesting.  If I have any complaints it's from the game being too short lol

wonderful game!


I love it! I'm just really stuck on one level: BREVIL. Is it impossible?


i got it- now I'm stuck on reunion but I can handle this...probably


Stuck on brevil. Could I get a hint?


You don't need to move the light brown snake at all until the very last step when you bring it into the hole.


Thanks, got it immediately after that hint haha... I just beat Reunion too. Great game!

any words of advice for reunion?


The water moccasin should get the egg. And remember that two headed snakes can reverse.


This is such a great game! Is/Will there be a level editor? I just wanted to point out that the wording on the exit confirmation screen says: "automatially saved."


Very fun puzzle game with a simple premise, lead a snake into a hole. Love it. 


This is a fun puzzle game! The snakes are super cute, and while most of the puzzles can be gotten through in a try or two, a good handful are pretty brain teasing.


This is a fantastic game for puzzle lovers! 

Graphics and sound are lovely. The gameplay is flawless and features a good amount of levels that are really well designed. New mechanics are introduced on a regular basis and all of them fit really well.  Just a really pleasent and fun game overall!